One fatality, 5 climbers saved in rescue operation in Munella

The troops of the special operations regiment, part of the Armed Forces, engaged in the search-and-rescue operation to find the six climbers trapped on Mount Munella in Albania.

The Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that after almost 13 hours of searching in the steep terrain, with ice and snow, the officers managed to save the people trapped in the abyss, where unfortunately one of them N.M had died.

The engagement of the Special Operations Regiment troops came as a necessity, as these are the only troops that have the skills and tactical and technical preparation to intervene in terrain with high difficulty. The journalist, Alfred Lela was among the climbers and he told local media that what happened was like hell.

“I thought that was the end of my life,” said Lela.

In the meantime the Ministry of Defense launched an appeal to citizens which said among others:

"During these holidays we call on all citizens to be careful during their trips in deep mountainous areas, where the risk is higher due to the snowfall," /