PM Rama's pledge: "I'll be Democrats' phantom"

Prime Minister Edi Rama was in Bubq on Wednesday handing over the keys to new homes to those affected by the November 2019 earthquake.

He joked with Bubq Democrats saying they would remember him when they entered the houses, adding that he will never give up effort of being Democrats'  shadow to shake hands with them whenever they fall.

Bubq is a village and a former municipality in the Durres County, western Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became a subdivision of the municipality Krujë. The population at the 2011 census was 5,951.

"I am just happy with the Democrats of 'locks'. They will enter the house and?remember me. They can not avoid this. Then they will curse me. They will say that it's people's money; he has done nothing. The school principal here told me our school has more bathrooms than the whole Bubq had. That's why I'm in this task. To leave a good name and not be separated from Democrats as a shadow all my life. As a shadow that when they fall, it shakes their hand s and says get up, we are together," said Rama. /