PM Rama's resignation urged over the scandal of Albanians' private data leakage

The maverick lawyer, Spartak Ngjela has stated that Prime Minister Edi Rama has been robbed of his state and he should resign, which, according to him, is strength and not weakness.

Commenting on the latest scandal with the leakage of the data in a talk show on a local TV on Monday, Ngjela, a former justice minister, said that Rama has lost the guarantee of the individual. The fact that he apologizes, according to him, says that he has not done his duty. "Resignation is strength not weakness as it shows I have no finger with what happened," said Ngjela who added: "What does it mean that you did not give guarantees to the people? It is the loss of the guarantee of the individual. The prime minister has as a motto - to protect my guarantee. He was robbed of the state. Nothing happens even if he resigns. Rama does not defend the state. Why did Rama fall, the state structure falls? Yes, Rama is in a serious social situation, he resigns and looks to stabilize it step by step. But he must resign."

In addition Ngjela said the fact that he apologizes means he has not done his duty. "If you do not do your homework, break your neck. But we do not have the institution of resignation. Resignation is not recognized here. So far only Nano has quit. For the others, resignation is a hostile activity," said Ngjela, who said that he had asked experts who had told him that they are not hackers, they are internal employees because they have taken thes data in segments. "They told me they were not hackers. The Tirana Prosecutor's Office found out that the crime was committed in Tirana. It is the location of the crime. They started it here, in my opinion they should have taken it to SPAK. They took the case here because there are no top defendants. The SPAK can not take it mainly, but if a minister comes under investigation, it goes to the SPAK," said Ngjela, who has been earlier a close collaborator of PM Rama. /