Presidency blasts decision of Constitutional Court on June 30, 2019 local elections

The Constitutional Court left the case of the local power elections without a final solution, declared the presidential press office on Tuesday. A few days ago, the Constitutional Court upheld the local elections of June 30, 2019, declaring them legitimate.

The Presidency has described the decision for the 2019 elections as a serious violation of transparency and the legal process by the Constitutional Court.

"The Constitutional Court with its decision left the case without a final solution. It did not have the courage to answer the questions under consideration. Were Albanians denied the right to vote secretly uninfluenced? Can elections be held constitutionally without a date by the President? Were the votes for the central government equal to the values ​​and principles? Can the election date be dictated by the Parliament? Only one candidate is running in the race?" it was said.

The Constitutional Court has seriously violated transparency and the legal process. On June 23, the Constitutional Court, after hearing the parties, decided to suspend the case and turn to Venice, the Presidency said. /