Price of energy for households and small businesses will not change

Despite the energy crisis, the price of energy will remain unchanged for households and small businesses, has announced the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku.

"There will be no increase in electricity for household consumers and small businesses. We have approved the legal changes which coordinate the activity between KESH, which is the state producer of electricity, and OSHE with all the relevant companies it has created based on EU requirements for regulating the sector," the minister said on Thursday.

According to her, based on legal changes, KESH has the obligation of public supply and must supply FSHU with all the necessary amount for the purpose of meeting the full demand of the regulated market, which is the group of family and small business clients according to the price approved by the General Assembly of the company.

KESH is obliged to produce and deliver to the distributor the amount of energy of 4.6 Terravat (TW), as much as the average annual amount required to cover the need for household and small business clinets. So the obligation of this service passes to KESH," said Balluku.

According to her, capacity will be increased by the Photovoltaic Park built on the dam of the Vau i Dejes HPP in the coming days. Also, the Minister said that another decision was approved through which the indicators set in the financial plan for the consolidation of the electricity sector approved in 2019 of OSHE are changed. /