Rama’s government in drive to reveal all personal data of Albanian in violation of privacy

President Ilir Meta has reacted regarding the publication of the list with the names and data of over 637,000 Albanians, where salaries and other details are declared.

"I was informed by the media about the publication of a list with sensitive personal data of 637,138 employed citizens in flagrant violation of freedoms, human rights and dignity, laws and the Constitution, a case of repeated illegality after the scandal of patronagests,” noted in his statement President Meta ..

Patronagists were the Socialist spies during the April 25 elections who spied on the person's set to be observed by them in their residences, job places or social life. They had all the facts on  the personal life of the ‘victims’. Rama praised highly their work which was part of his victory.

According to him, the personal data of every citizen, which are stored in public institutions and administered in state databases, are personal, protected by law and are intended for use only in the interest of citizens and the state.

"Any different use of them is a criminal act, which endangers social peace by violating the private security of every citizen," he said.

The head of the state had the following appeal to the law enforcement and criminal prosecution agencies to be immediately set in motion to initiate verifications and investigations to prove this repeated activity of illegality, taking without delay the necessary measures to guarantee the protection of personal data and bringing the perpetrators to justice.


/ Argumentum.al