Recruitment process for Albanian army kicks off as better conditions are promised

The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi has announced the opening of the process and recruitment for soldiers and sailors in the Armed Forces of Albania, emphasizing that payment conditions and training are offered like never before. Minister Peleshi invited on Monday all interested young people to see the admission criteria.

The Ministry of Defense announced that it considers essential for the Armed Forces the recruitment of soldiers with the highest possible profile in the conditions of a higher professionalism of the Armed Forces and an increasing commitment to fulfilling the tasks in defense of the country and in the interest of the Atlantic Alliance.

Any young person from the age of 18 to 27, who has no problems with the law, who has a pure moral figure, who is not a suspect, undesirable, identified and implicated by the authorities of law enforcement for illegal or criminal activities, can become part of this process

All the criteria required for the recruitment process, which determines the passing of three tests: the physical, intellectual and psychological ones that will be carried out in certain stages,  are published on the official website of the Ministry of Defense. /