SP’s Balla says leakage of wage data an attempt to destabilize Albania

On the eve of the end of this year, the Chairman of the parliamentary group of the ruling Socialist Party (SP), Taulant Balla among others announced in a press conference on Monday some news that the Special Commission for Justice Reform will continue its work in the next session of this legislature, Electoral Reform will be ready before the local elections of 2023, Vetting's deadlines will be extended, the election of the President will follow its course, the American decision for the designation of former PM Sali Berisha persona non grata.

Regarding the opposition's request for political vetting, Balla said that the request is in parliamentary procedure. "As for the so-called political Vetting, I think the parliament has given this answer. In respect of the parliamentary procedure, this issue is still being considered in the Law Commission and the Legislative Council," he said.

Regarding the accusations of a dinner with the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, Balla said that he had never been to a dinner with him and that the meeting with Basha would be only in the Court of Appeals, where the leader of the Democratic Party is indicted. by Balla for defamation.

Balla said that he had welcomed the US decision on Berisha, while emphasizing that the justice institutions should do their duty regarding the unfinished investigations or not reach conclusions against this individual.

Regarding the position of President Ilir Meta, Balla said that the Socialist Party has made public its position and that the decision of the Constitutional Court will be respected.

"The Constitutional Court must rule in late January or mid-February on the case in question. The final report of the commission of inquiry approved by the parliament was ready on time in June. Regarding the end of the 5-year term at the beginning of April the parliament enters the deadlines for the election of the new President. In case of premature termination of the mandate of the President, the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the parliament have clearly defined who performs the duties of the President."There will be no institutional vacuum for any moment," said Balla, who added that the Albanian Parliament has approved beyond 2/3 for the removal of Ilir Meta as President.

"Our position is clear, we will respect any decision taken by the Constitutional Court. Our principle is that the decisions of the Court are not commented but implemented," declared Balla.

He called the leak of personal data of citizens related to salaries and license plates of the vehicles they possess an attempt to destabilize the country. "These are efforts to destabilize Albania. It is a difficult situation for many private companies to break off the employee-employer relationship," he said. Balla announced that there will be investigations and punishments so that such situations do not happen again.  / Argumentum.al