The interference of the ambassadors insults the intelligence of the Albanians

By Arben Manaj
Foreign ambassadors in Tirana rarely behave as in other countries, and this happens where state dignity and respect for the country and the people where they are accredited is minimal!
There is a Convention, that is the Vienna Convention on diplomatic conduct and practice in the world, which in Albania is violated and stepped on with both feet!
Albanians may not be rich, but they are not stupid!  Who they elect and who they prefer is our job as Albanians, as it's for the Americans when they elect Trump or Biden, as it's for the British when they elected Blair or Johnson!
The Albanians of Albania are as smart as the Albanians of Kosovo when they elected Kurti for the first time and when they re-elected him when he was overthrown with instructions for the second time!
You have made us sick with a very readable demonstration of support, because you lost credibility since you tolerated, regardless of the circumstances, the one-party elections in the middle of Europe while you do not tolerate them in the countries you come from!
Berisha and I have an old history of revenge, by him for me, death threats regarding my work as a BBC journalist in London!
But if you want to get rid of him from Albanian politics, the path you are following only adds to the anger of some Albanians, raising him up from the political grave!
Albanians are smart and know very well that sometimes you act as if you do not know some other corrupt people, as much or more corrupt than Berisha and his people, who are the future of this country!
Trust their intuition and do not offend them with 'interventions from outside' which could not even overthrow Enver Hoxha!
You are doing the opposite!  But the most dangerous thing is that you are losing the trust of Albanians in you and your sincerity, that you are an inspiration and destination!  Many things are recovered in life, but when faith is broken nothing works afterwards!
Do not divide Albanians into parts, the more you question their pro-Western orientation, no matter how many, especially those who have suffered for decades!
30 years ago you were justified in taking us by the hand and showing us the way out of communist isolation, but today ‘thanks, but no thanks’!
Respect our intelligence!
The house of the Albanian is truly that of a friend and of God, but in our house do not become Gods!