The vetting process under the scrutiny of KLP and KLGJ

The High Prosecution Council (KLP) and the High Judicial Council (KLGJ) held a joint meeting on Wednesday to discuss the implications of Vetting in the justice system IN Albania.  In his speech, KLP Head Gent Ibrahimi said that the institutions are jointly responsible for managing the justice system.

"This is the first meeting of the two Councils, because both institutions manage the status and career of magistrates. A legal reconciliation and interpretation between us is needed for the optimal management of the judicial system. We are the families of prosecutors and judges and the issues we have chosen to address today have public sensitivity," said Ibrahimaj. He stressed that the consequences of the Vetting case should be mitigated.

"We have created a framework within which a constructive discussion can take place between council members. Our concerns, I am convinced, fully coincide with those of society and the tools we have at our disposal to address these concerns… Vetting is a public policy which enjoys full legitimacy but the consequences of Vetting are what they are. Today we know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get justice at the doors of Justice institutions. Our task is to find tools and ways to address this problem, to mitigate the consequences of vetting," he said.

For her part, the chairwoman of the High Judicial Council, Naureda Llagami gave the message that everything seems impossible until it is achieved.

"We are taking safe steps towards setting the standards and rules of the system. We have an opportunity to discuss the achievements, but also seriously reflect as we face insufficient financial and human resources. Vetting has brought significant losses and is eroding the capacity and ability to stay and motivate," she said.

Llagami was confident that the two institutions understand the needs they have and try to address those needs by relying on each other.

It has been five years since the vetting process in judiciary has started but it failed to accomplish its objectives and parliament, having the recommendations of the US and EU, decided to extend its mandate. No country in the region has accepted to accomplish the vetting process in judiciary like that of Albania despite some pressure from internationals. /