URA's number two Marovic unveils 71 percent of Montenegrin citizens support EU membership

Some 71 percent of Montenegrin citizens support the EU membership, has said Ms. Jovana Marovic, the deputy President of the United Reform Action (URA), a party which is part of the ruling coalition in this Balkan country neighbouring Albania in the south being populated by a significant ethnic Albanian community with Ulcin and Tetovo as their main locations.
"We can achieve this goal only as a non-polarized society," said Marovic in a post on FB on Wednesday.
According to her, Wednesday's signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation (URA, CIVIS, Socialist People's Party and representatives of minorities - minority parties (Albanian Alternative, Democratic Party, New Democratic Force FORCA and Bosniak Party) is the first step towards overcoming division through joint work on strengthening the values that are the foundation of modern democracies.
URA is headed by Dritan Abazovic who is Deputy Prime Minister in the current coalition government. /Argumentum.al