US Envoy in Skopje reconfirms support, expected to visit Tirana on December 9

Special US Representative to the Western Balkans Gabriel Escobar met with President Stevo Pendarovski, PM Zoran Zaev and other key officials. Escobar expressed strong support for quick North Macedonia EU integration and praised the partnership between our countries, the US embassy in Skopje wrote on Twitter.

According to the official MIA news agency, Escobar said that the US is working with European partners to make sure that quick European integration took place.

Other media sources said the “special envoy expressed strong support of Joe Biden’s cabinet to North Macedonia’s European integration,” saying that it should happen “very quickly” as the country “should have a seat at the (EU) table”.

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said that the US is seriously committed to finding a solution with Sofia as soon as possible.

Special US Representative to the Western Balkans Gabriel Escobar is on a West Balkans tour and he will visit Albania on December 9 where his agenda includes meetings with the highest officials and leaders of political parties.

Official Tirana has not yet formally confirmed the agenda, but it is expected that the senior US official will hold meetings with Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha.

Since taking office, Escobar, as a well-acquainted with the reality in the Balkans, has made his first visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Whereas, the arrival of the American diplomat finds the politics of Tirana troubled, and more specifically the Democrat camp, where since the announcement non grata by the US State Department of the former democratic president Sali Berisha, the democrats are involved in an internal debate.

Berisha and his supporters will hold the DP National Assembly on December 11 to refoundation of the party and dismiss Basha the latter will convene his Assembly on December 18.

All is quiet in the Socialist camp having the luxury of observing the internal clashes of opposition.