Veteran Democrat leader hopeful 2022 will be victorious year for the Democratic Party

Democrats and Albanians are closing a year with expectations which would have been completely black because the real opposition has returned to the country, adding that next year will be even better.

The veteran Democratic Party (DP) leader, Sali Berisha made that statement in the southern city of Vlora on Wednesday on the 31st anniversary of the creation of the party branch in 1990. Vlora is known as a stronghold of the Socialist Party but its foundations have started to be shaken after the scandals which have made Albanians poorer than ever.

"Contrary to predictions that we would die, we are on our feet. We closed the black year 2021 as a year of hope. We set up the DP as a real opposition, as a political force that Albanians trust. This is proven by all studies that show that from a drop in disasters in September, today the DP has risen above the level of April 2021," said Berisha.

"We close the year, which in many respects would be terrible for Albanians, when the narco-state took the third term undeservedly; we close the year when Albanians experience extreme poverty. They are today the most looted citizens at a time when unemployment has gripped the country. But again the difference is like night with day. We close the year with a real opposition, an opposition that inspires hope and confidence, an opposition that will be the advocate of the Albanians. We end the year with a political force determined to confront narcotics tooth and nail, with a political force that says human dignity, human dignity, with a political force that holds as a major national interest Albania's integration into the EU and its Euro-Atlantic orientation. All these are premises for next year to be a year of miracles for Democrats and for Albanians everywhere," said Berisha.

Further on he added that the Democrats have ‘cut the ticket’ for Lulzim Basha to go. "We convened the Assembly on December 11, the real miracle of Albanian pluralism. After this assembly, we amazed the Albanians, but also the democrats and conservatives in the world, with the referendum of December 18, in which you, more than ever, exercised your right to vote and ‘cut the ticket’ for the man who will remain in the political history of the country with the nickname: Lulzim the Lock," said Berisha. /