Albanian PM's revelation: "Satellites will be available in March"

Satellites will be ready to be used during the spring months of 2022 when the monitoring of the territory of Albania will take place by them.

Prime Minister Edi Rama made this announcement answering questions of citizens on many topics which were touched upon in a conversation on social networks on Wednesday.

"The satellites will be available in March. We will register them at the United Nations as a rule," he said adding that the available satellites will help regarding inspections.

Regarding the justice system Rama hopes that there will be more positive signs and result.

He further spoke about the salary scandal saying that it was something ugly as there were many differences in salaries. According to him, this was good because Albanians saw the reality.

Asked about Albania's future he gave the following answer: "The future of Albania is like that of those families who left to cross the sea and thanks to the work of sacrifice managed to fully integrate despite the fact that they will not be so rich in the countries they have gone to. We will not be among the the rich of this continent, but we will be integrated with dignity." /