Basha's appeal to his supporters to fight in two fronts: against PM Rama and his ex- 'father' Berisha

An appeal against Prime Minister Edi Rama and founder of Democratic Party (DP) Sali Berisha was made by Lulzim Basha, DP head, in a press conference on Friday.

Basha undertook that action few hours before Saturday's peaceful protest of Berisha's supporters who have pledged to free the DP 'bunker' and oust its head from office because of leading Democrats to failures since 2013 in face of Socialist PM Rama. Basha is also accused of having been taken hostage by Rama.

In the meantime Basha called on his supporters but also rivals to unite against the regime of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

On the other hand, he 'closed' the door of cooperation with former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, adding that he was no longer open to anything coming from the person declared non grata, who has put his concern above the interests of Democrats and Albania.

"I tell the Democrats, my supporters, the supporters of the PD forums, my critics, my opponents and rivals to stand united in the face of the regime of Edi Rama, in the face of scenarios of violence and destruction of the DP. I want to reiterate that while I am no longer open to anything coming from the person declared non grata, who has put his plight above the interests of the Democrats and Albania. I am ready to listen and I am listening, I am reflecting and I will continue to reflect with democratic attitudes and decisions to the criticisms, objections, demands and proposals that strengthen our unity in diversity, that serve for the modernization of the Democratic Party and its victory. This is the future the Democrats have chosen, this will be the future of the Democratic Party!" /