Berisha lashes out at DP chairman Basha holding him responsible for Democrats' consecutive failures since 2013

In the history of 30 years no one has displayed the low political moral standards of such a man like Lulzim Basha, the current leader of the Democratic Party (DP), said Sali Berisha, the founder of this right- wing political force in the early 90s. Berisha was in Fier in the activity held on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the founding of the DP branch in Fier, southern Albania, on Thursday.

According to him, Basha proved that he doesn't have any principle and that he is ready to do everything for his chair.

Berisha, a former PM, expressed great respect and deep gratitude to those women and men of Fier, intellectuals, employees of this city who founded in Fier

on January 6, 1991, the first opposition party at a time when the truth is that the dictatorship considered Fier its bastion. Berisha said Fier branch remains one of the main branches of extraordinary importance for DP and its fate.

"We come to this 31st anniversary after 8 years in which the truth is that the leadership of this political force in Tirana proved extreme weakness, incompetence and many other problems. The man who took over, whom Democrats trusted the leadership, took our political force from loss to loss," said Berisha./