Berisha reveals that PM Rama is the invader of Democrats' House in Tirana, Basha is taken hostage

"On January 8, Edi Rama proved that he was the perpetrator of the occupation of our house, the house of the Democratic Party (DP), in his criminal way. It is not the problem of a building, but the  implementation of the decision of the majority towards the minority. You voted and without this principle there is no democracy. He surrounded not only with 8 guard officers, but he equipped them with all the means of violence," said the veteran DP leader, Sali Berisha. Prime Minister Edi Rama demonstrated  that he was the author of the occupation of the DP by order from Belgrade, said Berisha.

"What happened on January 8 has never happened in history. Rama defended his hostage with guards. Now it is our home and nothing in the world can prevent us from entering our home. I tell Democrats that I do not deviate even one millimeter from what you rightly demand. You are looking for your home, it will be yours. This blessed date should inspire us all. Today we must do everything to win honest hearts," said Berisha.

Further on he revealed that, according to state audit institution, there have been abuses by Rama worth 8.2 billion euros during the last 8 years.

"Albania is the only country in the world that arrests citizens for civil cases and this is in line with Milosevic's doctrine. He has an anti-Albanian attitude towards the north of the country. He also steals from the south, he really made a lot more money, but he stole 10 times more there," he said.

According to Berisha, the Democrats are willing to give a more determined answer, overthrow the narco-state and lead Albanians to free elections with the agenda of freedom. /