Berisha: Saturday's peaceful protest will open the doors of the DP

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has called on Democratic Party (DP) members to join the peaceful protest to 'liberate' the house of freedom after he and the DP Re-establishment Commission went to the  party headquarters to hold the next meeting, but failed to enter due to closed doors on Friday.

In a statement to the media, Berisha stated from the DP headquarters that the protest on Saturday will be peaceful and that it would remove Lulzim Basha, current party head, from the headquarters.

"Can anyone imagine that a young leader would end his political career by arming, turning the DP headquarters into a bunker-prison instead of submitting to the verdict of his party's 44,000 members," said Berisha.

According to the DP founder, Basha has

blocked the entrances to the headquarters for the PD deputies by filling its halls with criminals.

In addition Berisha said MP Basha as a minority in the party seeks to humiliate the majority, seeks to confiscate the majority's building, the house of Democrats, treating it as if it is his personal property.

Berisha invited to protest all those who signed the dismissal of former chairman Basha for the flagrant violation of the statute of principles and any other kind of democratic norm in the DP as well as all party members to unite to take over their house, to turn it into a house of freedom through a peaceful protest, a major event of Democrats' peaceful revolution.

"The only problem that the protesters have is the opening of the doors of this house and of course its liberation from the hostage of Edi Rama, hostage Basha…. There is no discussion that the doors will be opened, that the headquarters will be returned to the Democrats and there is no blind or concrete that can prevent the Albanian democrats as free people to restore this building of freedom", said Berisha. /