Berisha says nothing can prevent peaceful revolution from achieving its historical objectives, nothing can stop pluralism in Albania

"Those who accept the chairman of the Democratic Party (Lulzim Basha), the chairman appointed by Edi Rama by using police, make a destabilizing act against Albania. We have strictly abided by the rules," has said the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha.
The historic leader of the Democrats, Berisha made this comment during the conference at the PD headquarters on Sunday after Saturday's events when police attacked protesters who wanted to enter peacefully the party headquarters in compliance with a decision of the referendum of December 18 to remove Lulzim Basha from the office of DP head.
"You saw that no stone was thrown at the police despite its animal behavior, the many times the unauthorized amount of gas thrown at the Democrats. The only reason why the protest stopped was the toxic gas. I was here, they threw gas, they threw gas at me too, but that makes me stronger," said Berisha.
"The demolition of the building happened because it was armored, had turned into a bunker like no other party building in Europe, but it was identical to Edi Rama's government officer," he said.
According to DP founder, Basha is finally walled in the walls of the prime minister's office until we liberate him from Edi Rama.
"Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha are the two fiercest enemies of the Democrats. His cynicism is extreme. His soul is so black like that of his uncle, Spiro Koleka, who wanted to use the tanks against the students. Yesterday, he (Rama) sent the killers to the (DP) headquarters. Did you see any scratches among the adversary side. None. This is a protest," said Berisha.
In the meantime, Berisha has levelled strong accusations against Lulzim Basha, saying that the latter took his weapons out of the DP headquarters with his own means. Basha is in total enmity with the entire Democratic family, with the dead and those alive, he said.
"He stayed until the early hours of the morning to make the Democrats' arrest lists. He kept the killers at the headquarters and took out his weapons with his car so that if the police entered the headquarters, they would not find his armed killers," said Berisha.
He noted that his presence and that of the members of the Re-establishment Commission at the DP headquarters a day after the protest is a commitment that nothing can prevent and stop the consolidation of political pluralism in Albania.
According to him, nothing can prevent this peaceful revolution from achieving its historical objectives; nothing can stop pluralism and the domination of the majority as a political force in a society.
"It has been proven to the Albanians that Lulzim Brava (Lock) is an equally savage enemy, an equally cruel face for the Albanian democrats," said veteran DP leader Berisha. /