Berisha testifies at Tirana prosecution, announces event in Shkodra on Sunday

January 8 was the clearest and most flagrant proof of the connection of politics with crime, said the historical leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Sali Berisha after he testified at the Tirana Prosecutor's Office on Thursday.

"Of course you understand, I was called by order of the head of the Medusa, but I came to respect the principles with which I am imbued," he told the media after he gave evidence before prosecutors on the protest of January 8 in front of DP headquarters which turned violent because of the intervention of the special police forces.

Berisha said that he stressed in his statement that the most ugly, the most unimaginable act, the most criminal moment in the history of 30 years, the most flagrant evidence of the connection of politics with crime, was not just that day, and I am referring to January 8, but was Lulzim Brava (Lock) surrounded by a gang of murderers, traffickers, hostage-takers, and fundamentalists for every Albanian, every friend and partner of Albania.

The DP, as he said, will submit any information about this group of assassins and mercenaries. "The concrete names are also published on my Facebook account. I believe that the moment a party headquarters is occupied by bandits it shows everything that happens in narcoticstate."

Berisha noted that Lulzim Basha took the weapons out of the headquarters with his vehicle, but there is still flagrant evidence of the presence of armed people in the headquarters. "There are photos, but not only photos. So there is no one today who questions the existence of this big group of mercenaries, composed of murderers, traffickers and fundamentalists, as guards of Lul Brava," said Berisha.

Further on the former PM said that any  support to Lulzim Basha today is not only support to a political corpse, but it is worse than that. "To support Basha is a great contempt, a kick on the young Albanian politicians. Those who think they are hurting me by supporting Basha are not doing the calculations well. The problem is deeper. The problem is what Albanians see now, when this young politician is the most degraded man in Albanian politics. This is not the case with the youth of Albanian politics," said Berisha.

He stated several times that the DP headquarters will be returned to the Democrats. Berisha said that on Sunday there will be a meeting in Shkodra in the Palace of Sports at 11.00.

Berisha also explained how his movement will continue. "Now there will be strong meetings with the citizens, all in function of a strategy: to remove the narco-state and prepare the ground for strong protests. It is impossible for this people to reconcile with political corpses and accept such horrible political connections to crime. There will be round tables, where opinions will be elaborated on different areas and different problems. There will be a multidimensional activity. Without doubt, the seat will be returned to the Democrats," Berisha assured his supporters. /