Breaking news/ Ex - socialist Deputy Braho warns that DP deputy E.A will be killed in Saturday's protest

Former Socialist Party (SP) deputy Spartak Braho has surprised with his strong statements regarding the protest that is expected to be held in front of the Democratic Party (DP) headquarters.

In an interview with ‘Top News’ on Friday Braho said that a DP lawmaker could be killed on Saturday.

Berisha can not do without violence, he said revealing the initials of the deputy who is in danger of being killed, and the initials allegedly are, according to him, E.A. "Do not have any illusions that there will be no violence because he (Berisha) has come from violence, has lived with violence, and will close his career with violence," said Braho, an important figure of the Security (Sigurimi) during the communist rule. Braho could survive after the fall of communist dictatorship not only joining SP but even the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) being one of the closest collaborators of President Ilir Meta when he was SMI head.

"Do not have the illusion that there will be no violence. There will be those who do not even restrain themselves and according to information I have there may be an assassination. An outstanding deputy with the initials E.A. risks being killed tomorrow. Berisha does not live without blood. E.A. shoould be savld and I give this advice to save him tomorrow. "There are situations that get out of control; a sign given and situation gets out of control. And he (Berisha) has no problem saying like he did in the case of  Azem Hajdari (late DP leader) that 'I did not kill him, but Izet Haxhia'," said Braho.

Braho has often made threatening statements about destabilization of Albania but he has never been held responsible for political cheating because of having the protection of senior leaders, lately of PM Rama.