Deputy PM Abazovic keeps life threats against him at low key pledging to fight corruption in Montenegro

In an interview with the daily, Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic said he continues to be threatened by people he says are very dangerous and have a worldwide network. After the arrest of one of the most prominent members of the Kavac clan, Slobodan Kascelan, the security safety of the head of the URA and the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, was strengthened on the grounds that his life  was endangered and that he was threatened with liquidation.

On the other hand, Abazovic has never wanted to comment too much on these threats, saying he does not want to play the role of victim.

"I do not want to draw the attention of people as there are some who because of their political whims and impudence try to  make use of it. This is extremely ugly. I have never felt like a victim, I have just chosen this and everything  has been done on my own free will. I do not want to burden the public with threats, pressures, which I receive every day. This is the most difficult work that one can do, which worries people more," underlined the Albanian politician on Thursday.

"These are people who have hundreds of millions of euros, who walk around armed, who are behind numerous murders or are accused of them. They have a worldwide network. We have ruined the comfort of these people," he said.

Abazovic said months ago that he would not stop fighting organized crime and corruption in the Montenegrin state. It's to be noted that Montenegro is one of the Western Balkans countries that has opened the most chapters to become a member of the European Union. /