DP becomes first party to keep out of it persons declared non grata by the US

The Democratic Party (DP) declared on Tuesday that it will never be open to drug traffickers who accompany Sali Berisha in the attack he is preparing against the party to resolve his plight to the detriment of Democrats.

This warning came as the followers of the DP veteran leader, Sali Berisha intend to enter the party headquarters on January 5.

According to the DP statement, everyone is clear that Berisha's language and actions are intended to incite violence, as the only option left to him. The statement states that "the vast majority of members of the Party Chairmanship, National Council and 5004 delegates of the National Assembly chose the future, chose to serve the interests of the Democrats, chose to serve only the interests of Albania on December 18, 2021."

In addition it is said that DP is proud to be the first political party in Albania and the region joining the world wide initiative undertaken by the US to keep out of the decision making institutions persons declared non grata by the US.

Meanwhile, the DP clarifies that the works and maintenance at the headquarters this year are done in order to reorganize and refresh the central structures of the party, and the headquarters of the Democratic Party has been and will always be open to true Democrats. / Argumentum.al