DP Headquarters sealed as warnings get stronger that any effort to "shut it down" means a crime against democracy and pluralism in Albania

Some members of the Democratic Party (DP) led by MP Flamur Noka went to the party headquarters on Wednesday and their effort to open the front doors of the blue headquarters for holding a meeting of the Re-establishment Commission of the party as adopted by its National Assembly held on December 6 failed because all doors were locked.

There are some days that DP leadership according to orders of its head Lulzim Basha has been working to seal the party headquarters.

The deadline of the ultimatum that former Prime Minister Sali Berisha had set for Basha to leave the DP building expired on January 5.

"A group of deputies, members of the DP Parliamentary Group, came today to the party headquarters in our house to hold a meeting regarding the agenda that the parliamentary group and DP will have for 2022. We are finding with pain that the house of freedom, our Democratic Party, instead of being an environment that was buzzing, unfortunately (PM) Edi Rama has turned it into his hostage," Noka told the media on Wednesday. He said that the DP headquarters has been turned into a high security prison and according to him, this is shameful, it is disgusting.

In the meantime the DP veteran MP, Tritan Shehu said on Wednesday the DP was born "open" and for it to be "open - no one can" lock it!

"Today, for the first time in the 31-year history of the DP, not only ordinary citizens, militants, members, but also journalists, its deputies, have found the doors of our common" home" closed. They are denied entry to it," said Shehu.

"Trying to "shut down" the DP means committing a crime against our democracy and pluralism!" Shehu warned. Earlier, Basha's supporter, Secretary General Gazment Bardhi told the media that work is being done inside the building.

According to him, the DP will be open to any Democrat but closed to traffickers. "It will always be closed to any drug trafficker who has been by the side of Sali Berisha and his supporters in every actions in the DP headquarters. Acts of violence are not acts that serve the Democrats, but the strengthening of the Rama regime," he said adding that the criminal group B9 no longer enters the DP headquarters. / Argumentum.al