DP's Basha claims Saturday revealed Berisha and Rama are two Siamese brothers

Separation from the final past and avoidance of bloodshed by the 'criminal organization' of Sali Berisha were the highlights of the press conference of Democratic Party (DP) head Lulzim Basha after the end of the 3-hour protest against him on Saturday.

According to him, Berisha and his supporters, whom he called criminals, tried to usurp the DP headquarters but they failed.

DP headquarters was heavily armoured and hundreds of special police forces 'responded' to the appeal of Basha to disperse violently the crowd using tear gas.

"Berisha's criminal organization tried to usurp the blue headquarters with criminal means. Today the bloodshed of the Democrats for Sali Berisha's plight was avoided. Berisha has done the greatest damage to the DP and has given Democrats the opportunity to break away from the past once and for all on this day," said Basha, whose political career has been promoted by Berisha who caused divisions in DP as many outstanding veteran leadership figures quit the party.

"Berisha represents what this party has left behind. DP has clearly shown that it knows how to separate from the past and today it has been revealed that Berisha and Rama are two Siamese brothers," said Basha.

Rama's special forces saved Basha, who was inside the party building, from being removed from office.

"Everybody knows the truth that Berisha's battle is not for anyone else but only for himself. The first good news is the total abandonment that was seen today in the expression on his face," said Basha who claimed that there were 50-600 people in the protest called by Berisha.

As Basha said they were the protagonists of a close group of people armed to usurp the Democrats' house endangering their lives inside and out of it.

"This is ultimately the dimension of separation with Berisha, who does not accept the real race," Basha said. / Argumentum.al