DP's future without Basha and Berisha

"I want to reiterate once more time, maybe for a thousand times: the only chance for the Democratic Party (DP) to survive is to remove (Lulzim) Basha and (Sali) Berisha from the leadership," said Democratic Party member Fatbardh Kadilli.
He made that comment in a post on Facebook on Sunday, a day after the protest of the supporters of former Prime Minister Berisha. State Police units intervened using tear gas and violence to disperse the crowd and many Democrats have been arrested.
According to Kadilli, DP can only survive by removing the Basha-Berisha duo from the leadership.
Kadilli has tried many times to become party head but has never succeeded. "Basha has no political future as a leader! Berisha can not be the future! Yesterday, Berisha's project to re-establish the DP ended. Yesterday, I felt a deep and bitter regret in my soul and in my mind for the simply beaten, haunted, hopeless Democrats," Kadilli said.
Further on he said it is time for Democrats not to see the future as a punishment either with Basha or Berisha, but as a will to build a Democratic Party, with fair competition and moral values. "Only such a party will attract the majority of Albanians in the next elections. Every other project, every other illusion will be the next defeat," stressed Kadilli /argumentum.al