Epidemiological authority says pandemics spreading frightfully at schools but no closure of them in Albania

There is no change of the existing anti-COVID measures by the Technical Committee of Experts, which held a meeting on Thursday.

The chairwoman of the Committee of Experts, Mira Rakacolli stated that, “The committee thinks that the level of protection measures we have today is in line with epidemiological developments in the country. At this stage there will be no change of measures." The police time will continue to b from 23:00 to 06:00 o'clock in the morning.

Rakacolli called on the citizens to rigorously implement the established measures and to present themselves at the vaccination centers, to protect themselves and the community around them.

"The committee strongly advises the rigorous implementation of the measures, the appearance in the vaccination centers of those who have not been vaccinated yetf in order to protect ourselves from the severe form and loss of life, but also the community becoming a barrier to the spread of infection," she said.

According to her, keeping the mask where it is recommended and respecting physical distancing in all situations are essential. "The Committee of Experts will continue to follow the dynamics of the epidemiological situation in the country with great responsibility every day, the speed of its change and the measures will always be in accordance with this epidemiological situation, as are the recommendations," said Rakacolli.

Referring to WHO she said it is expected that about 50% of the population of Europe will be affected by this infection in the following 6 to 8 weeks.

"This organization advises all countries to adapt their measures to concrete local situations, to the epidemiological situation, as well as to the vaccination situation," underlined Rakacolli.

According to her, a significant increase in cases has been observed in Albania in young age groups and children reflected in the number of new active cases in emergency calls, in the increase in the number of visits to family doctors, but the hospitalization is not at the same rate. / Argumentum.al