EU funded justice system acting in the name of politics in Albania

"Some 70 million euros have been given by the EU for justice reform and it seems that it is going to fail. Not all internationals are in the bloc to support this reform," said Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) deputy leader Petrit Vasili in a TV interview focusing on the progress of justice reform in Albania.

Vasili stressed on Thursday that justice reform is caught up, adding that this new justice is acting in the name of politics. "Justice in the country is captured and acts in the name of politics. The Constitutional Court has been an institution, which has ruled numerous decisions, which enjoyed a good reputation and which was destroyed," he said adding that the Serious Crimes Prosecution was a success story and has no comparison with the SPAK today. Further on Vasili said there was courage to face crime, while now the courts still suffer without judges. "We have big issues screaming and nothing is being done," said SMI's number two.

"Electoral crime and famous files have not been properly investigated. They are findings of Europe and the world and no one can place suspicion on thm. That part of justice which was problematice has become even more problematic today," said Vasili who reiterated that despite the huge money earmarked by EU on justice reform it seems to be failing.

"Not all internationals are in unison to support this reform. We lost everything that has been done in justice," Vasili said. /