Leader of Bulgarian govt coalition party conditions EU veto on NM with lift of US visas for Bulgarians

“Since the Americans want so much North Macedonia in the European Union, let the citizens of Bulgaria, like the citizens of most countries in the European Union, not need visas to go to America. That's it, we are a full member of the EU, and Bulgarian citizens, because they are Europeans, should not need visas to go to America."

This was written on Facebook by the leader of "There Is Such a People" Slavi Trifonov on Monday which was quoted by novinite.com.

In addition Slavi Trifonov, whose party "There Is Such a People" holds the key Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said since Bulgaria is.a full member of the European Union, the country must immediately become a member of the Schengen area. "Enough waiting and we are supposed to be Europeans, but we are less Europeans than real Europeans. So - no visas for America and Schengen members immediately," said Trifonov. / Argumentum.al