Montenegro can likely get ready for EU accession by 2025

Montenegro should follow its internal reform plan because it has a real chance to complete all obligations by 2025 and achieve readiness for EU membership, has said chief negotiator for EU accession Zorka Kordić.

Kordić criticized the EU for setting deadlines for the admission of new member states, said Euractiv on Monday.

She added that the Government is guided by the principle that the most important thing is to implement the reforms required by the EU accession process, because they will bring benefits to citizens. Kordić pointed out quality has to be priority, not speed in that process.

The primary goal is to improve media freedom, further balance the fight against organized crime and corruption, and reform the judiciary.

“The government will do everything to achieve the highest possible degree of readiness to close negotiations with the EU by the end of its mandate, and for Montenegro to become the first next member of the Union. When membership will formally happen does not depend only on Montenegro,” Kordić said.

Leaders of the Civic Movement (GP) URA (United Reform Action), the Citizens’ Union Civis, the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) and parties of Albanian and Bosniak minorities have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, aimed at reconciliation in Montenegro and economic development. /