On January 18, 2022 set as date to review parliamentary decision on President’s dismissal

It is announced that the judges of the Constitutional Court will vote on whether Meta completes his 5-year presidential term as anticipated in the Constitution of Albania or not. In case the Constitutionalists decide to dismiss Meta, then the Head of State will be replaced by the Speaker of Parliament, Lindita Nikolla.

The decision to dismiss Meta was made by Parliament on June 9, 2021 with 104 votes in favor under the Socialist claims that he had interfered in the election campaign for the April 25 general elections, joining the stance of the opposition which was out of Parliament. In the meantime segments of the opposition in the legislature were in favor of firing Meta.

In case that the Constitutional Court rules against the parliamentary decision then the Socialist ruled Parliament will start the procedures for the election of the new President as Meta’s mandate ends in July this year.

The current head of the International Socialist Party (SMI), Monika Kryemadhi, who is also Meta’s wife, announced a few days ago that as soon as Meta ends his mandate he will return to the helm of the SMI, which has created.  / Argumentum.al