PM Rama compares 8 January protest at DP as a ‘reality show’

During his speech at the event organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the creation of Albania’s Eurosocialist Youth Forum, FRESSH, Prime Minister Edi Rama touched upon the protest of January 8 in front of the Democratic Party (DP) headquarters, stating that day that party was turned into a 'reality show'.

"What we saw on January 8, almost less than 1 kilometer from here, in the yard of a party that turned into a 'reality show', with real politicians but fleeing back in time, somewhere in the Middle Ages and the party building turning into a castle where some fought to take it, some fought not to let it go, ”Rama said.

According to him, politics remains inalienable and irreplaceable for the democratic coexistence of the people, economic and social progress, for peace and security.

Rama claimed that if it were for the current politicians, the democratic change of Albania would have never happened. "If some professors and students had not been confused with politics, because it was said at that time" Confusion with politics", there would have been no democratic movement or political pluralism in Albania."

He was of the opinion that without politics there would have been no peace that has given life to the European Union after the fiercest world war in human history and that without politics there would have been no Constitution that gave life to the United States.

"Without politics, neither the independent Albania of 1912, nor the independent Kosovo of 2008 would exist. Without politics, there would be no democracy itself and universal human rights and freedoms would not be recognized at all," Rama said. /