PM Rama makes fun of political situation in Democratic Party

Prime Minister Edi Rama has not spared bitter irony over the political situation of the Democratic Party (DP).

After the end of the protest held at the DP headquarters, called by former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Rama has chosen to react with an expression of John Wayne. "Life is hard, but fools make it even harder," he wrote on social networks on  Saturday quoting Wayne.

John Wayne is a former American actor who has starred in Western and war themed movies.

After several hours of violent protest of supporters of founder of DP Sali Berisha in front of DP armoured headquarters in effort to remove current head Lulzim Basha, the Democratic Party founder Berisha announced the closure of the event, announcing protests will go on and the next one will be announced soon.

Earlier foreign diplomatic missions in Tirana called on the organizers of the protest to avoid violence.

"We call on organizers of the protest to refuse/denounce violence and ask for tranquility. Those who incite violence will hold responsibility," said US Ambassador Yuri Kim.

In the meantime President Ilir Meta called for calmness and avoidance of violence saying that it was important an immediate democratic solution. /