Protest to remove DP head Lulzim Basha will start at party headquarters at noon on January 8

As January 8 is declared a nation wide protest of the supporters of the veteran Democratic Party (DP) leader, Sali Berisha against current party head Lulzim Basha, Floriana Garo, communication director of the Temporary Re-establishment Commission of DP reacted to the statement of 'blue' headquarters saying that Basha has understood that the countdown for him is nearing the end.

MP 'Brava' (Lock) understands that the countdown for him is nearing the end. Dismissed, abandoned and despised by Democrats, his statements increasingly resemble two drops of water with those of Socialist MP Taulant Balla who is also his interlocutor in the SP after his dismissal, said Garo.

"Today Lulzim Brava talks about Sali Berisha with the language of hunting dogs of Edi Rama because in fact this is the last mission he has left to do," she said.

"But in any case he remains a ridiculous version of his hostage-taker. In 8 years while Lulzim Brava was trampling on the sacrifices of the Democrats for bargaining with Rama, Albanians have not heard or seen anyone fight and denounce the narcotics state, drug traffickers and organized crime more than Sali Berisha! Even more ridiculous is the accusation of money laundering when in fact the only politician officially accused of money laundering is Lulzim Brava himself for payments of up to 800,000 dollars! It is this file together with the Toyota Yaris which have held Edi Rama hostage! It is the mega affair of the Port of Durrës, the shopping-bait that makes it go against the will of the democrats" said Garo.

She was confident that Albania and the Democratic Party will be separated from the failed, corrupt and captured opposition of Lulzim Basha and no bunker or lock could hinder the Democrats. /