Rama describes Saturday's clashes between antagonistic Democrats a medieval show in downtow Tirana

What happened at the Democratic Party (DP) headquarters on Saturday has not been welcomed because this means more than the weakening of the political opponent; it is a destruction that damages the institutional building of this country, definitely damages the democratic institution of the opposition, but also the entire institutional framework of the country.
This is what PM Edi Rama said in what he called a ‘conversation with the Democrats’ talking about the situation in the DP on Sunday.
Rama first revealed the story that 3-4 foreign friends asked him and described the situation as a very serious event for the Democrats but also for the Albanians of Albania.
"Yesterday's event was a very serious event for the Democrats without discussion, but it was also serious for the Albanians of Albania," Rama said, adding that all this is the responsibility of two characters who are without a vision of the future, without a political vision.
For Prime Minister Rama, a medieval event took place in the middle of Tirana, where a party divided in two parts, one inside the other outside the building, were ready for bloodshed to take the castle.
"Yesterday that medieval show in the middle of Tirana, with a side inside loaded with a fortification system, and an army outside loaded to attack with hammers, ladders, levers could have degenerated into bloodshed, into something inconsolable for the DP, for Democrats, but also for our society. Both, the two political corpses that took that party hostage, were unfortunately irresponsibly ready to take the castle with the blood of Democrats," said Rama, who noted that both were ready to sacrifice people.
In addition he said their brawl is essentially their need of each other. "Both are held so as not to fall both. We are not here to replace the opposition, I am not here to ask the Democrats to become SP voters, nor to say how well the opposition was destroyed. I am here to communicate with the Democrats to say that 'Let us all do our best together to liberate politics, this aspect of deep animosity and internal hatred between the two camps, and the way must definitely be found for this fight to end'," said the PM.
Rama concluded by saying that Democrats must find for themselves who they need to lead and this is not about rubbing your hands just for fun.
"The opposition, after all, has kept the democratic system in balance. "All this spirit of aggression does not get us where we need to go," said Albanian Premier. /argumentum.al