Seismologist warns Albania, region have entered period of earthquakes due to energy release

Speaking of the earthquake the well-known seismologist Aliaj said the tall buildings feel the shaking more and the upper floors more.

"But we should not worry about an earthquake shaking Florina of Greece. It must be understood that it is the period of energy release. There were no more earthquakes after the April '97 earthquake, until the one on November 26th. There have been slight oscillations, but not on very large proportions to do damage. This has been a period of seismic energy accumulation," he said.

According to him, now in this period energy is released and such earthquakes occur in the eastern area and the tremors do not do much damage.

In his view the most dangerous earthquakes are in the front part of Greece, where the two continents meet, the European and the African. "The earthquake in Greece does not have to worry us in Albania. There will be such earthquakes in Albania in the eastern part of the country, but there is nothing to worry about," said Aliaj.

The specialist stressed that this 10-15 year period will have such tremors, but how many that is something we cannot say. "However, these are not earthquakes that we should worry about," Aliaj concluded.

In the meantime Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi reassured the public on Monday that there was no reported damage or injury and that the authorities were ready for any situation. But the latest media news revealed that there were some damages and according to them, some six buildings were damaged in the southern town of Bilisht. /