SP’s Balla says Berisha uses terror and humiliating language since 31 years

The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party (SP), Taulant Balla reacted after statements of the former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha on a local TV on Thursday evening.

According to Balla, Berisha uses the same language of terror, insulting and humiliation even though he has been in politics for 31 years.

Look at Sali Berisha's reaction as he mentioned January 21 and the killing of 4 protesters on the Boulevard in Tirana when he was Prime Minister of Albania, said Balla.

In response to the question of the journalist on the show, Berisha said on Thursday that "there is no one in the world who has called the January 21 protest peaceful, except you. He is a provocateur from Novi Sad who lies, an ordinary cheater," said Berisha./ Argumentum.al