Vaccination certificate for employees of the administration and supermarkets in Albania

New anti-COVID measures as part of measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic requiring a vaccination certificate for all employees of public administration, supermarkets and shopping malls entered into force on Tuesday.

The Technical Committee of Experts decided at its last meeting that from January 4, employees of public administration, shopping malls and supermarkets, must submit the vaccination certificate to appear at work. In its absence, employees may present with a recovery certificate from the disease valid for the last 6 months, otherwise PCR tests are required every 5 days.

Meanwhile, the order to use masks indoors, shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, public transport and in all those places where physical distance is not provided remains in force.

In all cases when the recommended measures are not respected, penalties will be applied, such as the individual when the citizen has not used the mask in the recommended premises in the amount of a fine of 3.000 ALL if it is for the first time and in case of repetition in the amount of 5.000 ALL.

In case businesses do not implement the protocols recommended by the Institute of Public Health, the penalty measure goes from 100,000-700,000 ALL, depending on the measure which has not been implemented./