Vasili says: ‘Ali Baba (Rama) isn’t guilty, 40 stealers yes in incinerators ’affair!’

In an affair of hundreds of millions euros like incinerators, where a bunch of ministers and mayors are responsible, all of them part of the renaissance, only Prime Minister Edi Rama comes out and says that he himself has no responsibility.

All of them have only him on their head ... Edi Rama.

Ali Baba has 40 thieves at work every day, but when it comes to responsibilities, here is what he says:

"Responsibility is individual, very individual. Everyone who takes on a task is picked up for 1000 reasons, which do not disappear at the moment he or she is at fault. But at that moment he is alone."

Ali Baba's motto is: "We steal together, but the responsibility is individually yours!"

All Albanians know that Ali Baba is the main responsibility under whose command all 40 thieves roam.

The fish stinks from the head, and the head is Ali Baba! /